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18 | Welcome to the Darkside | Australia

So the past few months my life has been pretty fucked I guess with a lot of things coming my way negative and some positive, but overall it has been a huge learning experience for me. At the weekend that just passed I attended the splendour in the grass music festival just north or Byron Bay and least to say it was fucking amazing. The whole weekend I had no phone reception and only a muscle tee and a thin flannel wrapped around my waist protecting me from the not so harsh aussie winter! Everyone was just so chilled out and most likely off their faces but it gave me an insight into what life is really all about. Memories aren’t made by sitting in your room on your computer or working 9-5 they are made by going out into the real world and just simply living. It’s like we humans have made the concept of living so hard that 99% of us don’t know how to do it. We are taught to save our money at a young age because that’s the right thing to do but you don’t take your bank account to the grave! That pair of shoes you want but are way to expensive, get them! That holiday overseas you have dreamt about night after night but your boss won’t give you time off, fuck your boss and go do it! That festival ticket that all your friends think is way to over priced, buy it! There’s 29 thousand other people going to it, I’m sure you’ll make some friends. Do and buy things that make you happy. I’m not saying that having a steady income and having a secure future is bad, I’m just saying don’t get caught up in all this bull shit we are fed everyday because one day you’ll wake up to be 70 and think fuck I wish I had done that when I was younger!